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About NoHo Pizza & Grill

Noho Pizza on Magnolia Boulevard is a destination for thousands of North Hollywood diners because of our sound reputation and unique offerings. Serving a wide variety of pizza and Italian food, some of our most popular items are the Philly cheese steak and garlic mozzarella bread. If you want to see what our customers are raving about in our reviews, stop by for lunch or dinner. You can also have our food delivered. To get started, use the online menu to place your order.

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a bite out of a slice of slow-cooked, home-style pizza. At Noho’s Pizza and Grill, we treat everything on our menu—from the popular pizzas to the burgers to the traditional Italian cuisine with signature twists—with extra care.

Magnolia Boulevard is home to many top diners in North Hollywood, and we’re proud to say that, after switching owners and revitalizing the restaurant, we’re among the top in the area. We’re a pizzeria known for our best-selling garlic mozzarella bread and five-star service.  Because once the heat gets going, Noho’s Pizza and Grill becomes a community where you’re not only customers, but family, too. We’re more than just the pizza store next door.

Whether you drop by for lunch or dinner, there’s something for you. We’re the ONLY pizzeria open until 3am in North Hollywood, giving you a place to satisfy your cravings during late nights with mouth-watering options. In fact, once you’ve had a taste, we’re sure you’ll want to come back for more. Many of the people that walk through our doors are repeat customers who have favorites of their own.

Our special, sought-after gluten-free crust and unique, signature menu items are just a few things that make Noho’s Pizza stand out from the crowd. And not just in theory, but in taste, too. But we encourage you to come see for yourself.

About NoHo Pizza & Grill